Thursday, July 29, 2010

Playing With My Fairy House

It's been awhile since I've had
a few minutes to work on
my Fairy House .
I finally got a chance to
put up some new wallpaper
in their kitchen.

This was a VERY rough house

when I got it.

I found it on the side of the

road for free and it was

very dirty and very

heavy because the person

who made this house also

shingled it with real

house shingles !

The first thing I did when

I hauled it home was to

take off those shingles

before my hubby got it into

the house for me.

It was a little larger scale than my other
dollhouses so that's why I decided
to make it the FairyHouse.
I love the whimsical touches you
can add to the house because
Fairies love all of nature & little
creatures and shiny things that they
can repurpose into what they
might need.
This little fairy,one of
the younger ones, is drinking
an orange drink while she plays
with her pet snail.
She has all kinds of treasures &
little friends in her room.
The critters all are welcome
to make themselves at home.
Downstairs another young fairy
relaxes with her friends
in the den which very badly
needs some renovations!
They make the best of what
they have for the time being.
They all enjoy a
wonderful time together.
Above is one of the older fairies taking
care of a baby fairy who has
not yet gotten her wings.
The baby loves to be
rocked in a basket.
This room too will be redone.
One thing that everyone
does have in this house
is a smile on their face.
It's a very happy home!
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The Nostalgia Fairy said...

That is the most darling house - I love every last little detail!!!!!
Hope you are well. Sandi x said...

A pet snail? I love that part!