Saturday, June 5, 2010

What Have We Done To This Beautiful World ?!!

This world is so full of
such amazing beauty
everywhere we look.
But what are we doing to it?
I woke up today & sit here in the comfort
of my wonderful home with a nice hot
cup of coffee and looking forward to the
day ahead. I listen the the sounds of the
birds in my garden as I write this.
They are so happy with the haven & the
tranquility that I help to provide them. They have food , water, shelter &
the pond. As I sip my coffee I dare to
listen to the morning news to hear that
at least 500 birds have already
died because of the oil spill.
Many many more they are trying
to save. I usually turn off the news
because I don't want to look at
the damage that the oil is doing.
Now I look..... It makes me want to
I feel helpless .
It sickens me as to what we are doing to this beautiful
world and the creatures in it.
It's so not fair.
what are these poor
creatures thinking?


Pamela said...

It's horrible, it's sad and i also can't look at it anymore.
It sounds so little but i keep buying Dawn dish soap and then go to their website and enter the bottle code which donates a dollar to help clean these animals. They have already raised over 400,000 and they are almost at their goal. Here in Canada they play the commericials of Dawn cleaning the oil of the animals.
It is some effort.
Pamela xo

Monica@The White Bench said...

So very sad. Thanks for pointing it out.

Wildflower Cabin said...

It makes me want to cry. :o(

Bella said...

Hi Suzeeez, I know what you mean ... it is so large, so overwhelming, so completely saddening!

Sweet Repose said...

We must look at the products made from petrochemicals and evaluate what's in our needs and slowly replace with biodegradable, sure it's more expensive, but in the long's the only way. It's all up to us and how we consume.

Love your shop, at least us shop owners can get some relief from the stress of the day by nesting in our own lil' worlds.

Carol Mae said...

This is all so very sad, I hate seeing all the birds and ocean life being snuffed out by this oil.
I wanted to say thank you for following my blog. I'm following yours also. Have a good evening. Carol mae