Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Celebrate Springtime !

These Three Pins On Top Are
Sold !
Thank You Wendy!

Rose Pin Also Sold !

Thank You !


2 below still available !

Celebrate spring with some beautiful vintage floral pins. All avaiable on my Etsy !

Monday, April 27, 2009

Sun Bathing Turtles !

I've lived in this town for 9 years and for 9 years we have passed this secret little area where we always see these turtles lined up on this same log and sun bathing. Well we stopped this weekend on the side of the road to take their picture and as usual they were basking in the sun ! As soon as we took their picture,while trying to be as quiet as possible of course, they all at once, as if on cue,dove into the water! I love these guys and will try for a few more pictures in the future. They are just too cute.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

My Fairy House

This is my fairy house. I actually
found this house on the side of the
road for free so I took it home,
cleaned it up a little,tore off
the real house shingles that
they had on it and started to
get creative. This is the only
room that I've wall papered.
I have alot of work to go
but it's fun putting wings on
little dolls and finding little
fairy type things for the house.
My first fairy that I made is
sipping on a cold drink & playing
with a pearl ball & a mushroom. This white fluffy animal is one of the
fairy's pets. Fairies welcome all
wildlife into their home. They
have a love for all living creatures.
These three little girls are the junior
fairies . These young ones don't have
their wings yet. They like to sit in their
baskets and sing in the afternoons.

Fairies like to relax in their cozy

home with their trinkets all around

them. Many of these items the fairies

find when they are out and about.

These fairies like to go thrifting

just like we do .

This is the fairy kitchen where they
keep their goodies and store their
dishes and handmade stacks of
pottery that they enjoy making.
They still need to take a vote during
their tea time as to how they would
like to decorate the kitchen.
They've had so many projects going
that it is now long over due.
The little table is always set with
a pot of tea and some sweets
in anticipation of company.
Fairies love to entertain people
in their home everyday if
they can, especially the
Blogger ladies !

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Friday, April 17, 2009

I'm A Nana !!

It's a Boy !
Born yesterday around
10:30 a.m.
He is beautiful &
I'm in Love.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How Cute Is This ?

I love it ,
I think this is a great picture and I hope they have many happy years
I think the president really got Bo for himself !

Monday, April 13, 2009

Vintage Doll Food

Does anyone else remember playing house with this food?? This takes me way back to my dolly days. I can remember playing with this and I always thought it looked so real. It's very delicate thin hallow plastic . I have no idea what happened to my food but this food surprisingly survived all these years. You can really see how far children toys have come.
This Vintage Doll Food Is Available On My Etsy !

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Tribute To A Special Blog
If you've never , ever gone over to visit Jo & her adorable home and family situated by "Fairy Cake Pond" then you are missing much whimsical, imaginative, & lighthearted fun. This is where I let my mind wander. This is where I daydream even after I have left.
This is Jo . She's a very sweet , funny , creative & magical lady.
I love my visits to Fairy Cake Pond. It's like I'm stepping into a whole new little story book world.
Every time I visit Jo I just know she will have something else very special to show me. I always sit and smile just looking at the beautiful pictures. There is no need for words really.
Jo takes great care with her dollies and all of her beloved things.
I always leave Fairy Cake Pond with a smile.
And of course , there are always plenty of yummy fairy cakes around for everyone!
So go & visit Jo ! Enter into magical little world. You'll be glad you did and when you leave you will be "singing and skipping" just as Jo always is.
Jo ... You are very special, as is your haven that you've created . Please continue to treat us to glimpses of what goes on at beautiful Fairy Cake Pond .

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Collage Scrapbook

I've just started a collage
scrapbook. I've been enjoying
making these so much and
find it to be very relaxing
and it helps me unwind.
So I picked up this idea
here in blogland and I hope
some day to just improve
on my collages and fill
this book !
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I Won , I Won !!!

It's sooooooooo much fun to win a giveaway especially when it's a sweet , adorable handmade goody like this one from a very sweet friend like Patty from Attic Full Of Clutter .
Go & Visit Her ! Thank You Patty !!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Come To Brimfield Massachusetts In May !

Beautiful Items that say " Take Me Home" !
So much to look at.
All around are treasures to be found !
Love these stone statues , cute butt.
This is the antique center where I have my rented space year round. So when the Flea Market comes to town it's a real treat !
Go inside and visit my booth! It's the floor space with the hand painted mannequin head on top of my display case.
Where's SuzeeeZ ??? I'm shopping in this picture, find me !
Beautiful stained glass lamps.
All kinds of goodies to eat & drink. If you've never been then you should go. See you there !!
May 12 - 17 !

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Another Neat Thrifted Piece !

I love this piece I found at G.W. !! There are a million ways I'm thinking that I can use this in my garden. How much ??? $3.00 !
Wouldn't it be cute with vines on it? Or maybe candles? Or....I'm thinking mini orange pumpkins in the fall .
Right now I'm just loving the polished rocks displayed on it. They look really neat when it rains and the water puddles around them.