Monday, April 20, 2009

My Fairy House

This is my fairy house. I actually
found this house on the side of the
road for free so I took it home,
cleaned it up a little,tore off
the real house shingles that
they had on it and started to
get creative. This is the only
room that I've wall papered.
I have alot of work to go
but it's fun putting wings on
little dolls and finding little
fairy type things for the house.
My first fairy that I made is
sipping on a cold drink & playing
with a pearl ball & a mushroom. This white fluffy animal is one of the
fairy's pets. Fairies welcome all
wildlife into their home. They
have a love for all living creatures.
These three little girls are the junior
fairies . These young ones don't have
their wings yet. They like to sit in their
baskets and sing in the afternoons.

Fairies like to relax in their cozy

home with their trinkets all around

them. Many of these items the fairies

find when they are out and about.

These fairies like to go thrifting

just like we do .

This is the fairy kitchen where they
keep their goodies and store their
dishes and handmade stacks of
pottery that they enjoy making.
They still need to take a vote during
their tea time as to how they would
like to decorate the kitchen.
They've had so many projects going
that it is now long over due.
The little table is always set with
a pot of tea and some sweets
in anticipation of company.
Fairies love to entertain people
in their home everyday if
they can, especially the
Blogger ladies !


Diane said...

i would just love to have a dollhouse! i think i'd want to make it kinda haunted, but still magical!

what a great find!!

*Noelle* said...

fairies are too cute! love the first one:) you so make me want to buy a little dollhouse to play with!! lol

noelle ♥

The Nostalgia Fairy said...

Hi Sue,
What a delightful, whimsical little world you have created. I have one of those fluffy dogs sitting on a chair (somewhere in the loft). I wish I could find a dollshouse on the side of the road, you lucky girl.
Hope all is well with you,
I am back to blogging now,
Take care,
Sandi :)

Lola Enchanted said...

OOOoooo so sweet! I just love it. It is so full of magic! I've been wanting a doll house FOREVER and now this really really makes me want one more!!!! Nice job!

Shelley said...

Hi Sue,I have loved visiting here...your blog is very interesting to me with all the things I love to read about...your doll house is wonderful,and how neat to find it along side the road...I am sure to visit again.....


Donna said...

Sue, I know I've told you this before but I just want to crawl right into those rooms and live there... What a beautiful fairy house! You are so creative! I know what you mean about the piano - wans't it adorable? You've heard of "buyer's remorse." Well, I'm having "I left it behind" remorse over the Mary! ha ha... Have a wonderful weekend! The weather is GLORIOUS!!!... Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage