Sunday, December 20, 2009

Some New Friends

On the Saturday before Christmas
my true love gave to me ....
3 Fire Belly Frogs ! sweet , for frogs anyway.
I've never really been a frog fan, actually most of my life I would put distance between them and myself. That was until I fell in love with "Froggie", my outdoor frog who's been living in my garden pond for a few years now. I kind of miss him, he's been in hibrenation for a couple of months now. By the end of last summer I was hand feeding my friend Froggie who has total trust in me. So anyways, I made this neat terrarium with stones and dirt and moss and driftwood. I even included a good size pond that they swim across. They are just too cute(for frogs) and lots of fun to watch. And at 48 yrs. old I touched one! It was a first for me..... lol. Now the next thing to overcome is this whole idea of crickets... that's what I feed my dear little friends "Mojo" .... "Lucy"....and "Babycakes".

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