Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Beautiful Shop In Ogunquit , Maine

I vacation in Ogunquit,Maine
every summer and each time
I'm there I visit this shop.
This shop is just a short trolley
ride from the Ogunquit beach
where we stay.
The shop is located in Perkins Cove
which is a neat little world of it's
own with yummy restaraunts &
plenty of beautiful shops.

The front window was just full of eye
candy this time. This display had so
much in it that I didn't know where
to look , I just kept seeing something
else to love everwhere I looked.

The desserts all looked so real but
they weren't . I really just wanted to stick
my finger in the frosting on one of the
cupcakes to know for sure.

And I really wanted a piece of this cake!

Way too many pretty things all grouped
together are so wonderful but I often find
that I am overwhelmed and can't decide
what I like most so I don't end up
buying anything at all.
I guess I wanted all or nothing !

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Glenda/MidSouth said...

Looks like a fun place to visit. Those desserts look so real.

The White Bench said...

I was in Ogunquit, ME, last summer...;)
Looove this shop! Soooo yummy!!!!!

*Noelle* said...

AMAZING!! love all those tea sets!! how pretty:)

Carol said...

Magnificently yummy! Great photos. I love your blog!