Friday, June 5, 2009

My Favorite Handmade Soap !

I Love This Soap !!
I've tried many home made
soaps through the years but I have to
say that this is the creamiest and
nicest smelling soap I have ever used.
The coconut lemon poppy is the best!
When I smell it I could just take a
big bite out of it! I love that she added
the poppy seeds as an exfoliant.
this combination is wonderful.
I've also tried her banana brulee &
that is just as wonderful. Can't wait to
try a few more.
I'm lucky enough to have found this
shop on Etsy.


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Sounds good enough to eat! :-)
Congratulations on your 100 hearts!

ajoyfullife said...

I love her soap too! I have the pineapple poppy and I love the poppy seeds as an exfolient too. Smells great, but I will have to try the coconut next. That sounds wonderful.