Monday, May 11, 2009

My Mess

This is my room , my "office",
my "store" , my art "studio".
This is my mess & I love it .
I try to keep the rest of my home
very neat and tidy but in this room,
as much as I try to organize &
reorganize , this is what it ends
up looking like & I don't ever open
the door to anyone.
Only to blogger friends I guess
because you understand.
I do everything in this room & I know
where everything is even though it
doesn't look like it.
I have thoughts swirling through my head
as to how I'd like to redo this room but
I also know that just to paint it is going
to be a huge job. I sit here in my mess pricing things for my shop
or for Etsy or making a collage and I look
around while I'm working and know that
some day I will get the extra time and the
ambition to tackle this room of mine.

You will all be the first to know what soft &
soothing color I choose for the walls. I will
also be needing another shelf or two.
Stay tuned !
I promise some day this room will
be transformed.
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Glenda/MidSouth said...

Looks like a lot of treasures in there. I know what you mean, I have my "organized" spaces that no one else would undertand. :-)

Deborah@ The Painted Nest said...

I would have a ball looking through all your pretties!!!!And I bet you know where everything is in your little nest!!!! Love your post!!! Sweet blessings Suzeeez, Deborah


Oh I love the post-you are a girl after my own heart-I too have a collection of everything cute and whimsical (:) LOVE IT
... the darling box of things you sent to me ARRIVED today and just made me so happy..they are all darling things so cute ..the handmade Playing card is wonderful too -with a sweet message~
:) THANKS SO MUCH..I took pics and will put it on my post tomorrow
are just
the best(:)
Giant hugs-PATTY

Carolyn said...

It`s good - or not so good - to see that others have what they call their craft rooms - a mess !!
Mine is so untidy , and i don`t know where half of my stuff is !
i would like a single wardrobe - and put extra shelving in it to store stuff out of sight - but no joy yet - we can`t afford one ;o(

Maybe if my man gets fed up of seeing it - when he does venture in - he may change his mind !!

Wish on a Whisker said...

Sue~ Your mess looks nice compared to the messes I have around my house! (Smile) ~Mandy

BittersweetPunkin said... should see my desk...DH keeps asking me when am I going to clean it? tee hee

I do understand...very well.


Anonymous said...

you have such an interesting collection of goodies, I could spend hours just looking at everything and still find something I didn't see! :D
These are like fun ispy photos!