Sunday, May 17, 2009

The First Annual " Doggies Of Brimfield " !

I realize that not everyone who
reads my blog is into old rusty
antiques and collectibles so I thought
I'd start my Brimfield posts with
some pictures for the animal lovers.
There's plenty of time for antiques
This doggie was so happy to go to
Brimfield with his owner that it didn't
matter what they did to him.
You can see by his smile that he
has a great sense of humor. He also knew that they were just protecting him by putting a "Sold" sticker on him. Thay way he would not have to worry about other people who wanted him.
people aren't the only ones excited about
the flea market each year. These two doggies
just could not stop smiling. They were having
a blast!
This dog got all gussied up in hopes
of being adopted today .
Some dogs were way too involved in
what was going on around them.
There was only so much time and there
were places to go and thousands
of things to see.
Some doggies thought that
they were posing for magazine covers !
Some dogs were tired after all of the walking, treasure hunting, and a good meal.
Some dogs worried that their hair
wasn't quite right for pictures but
were very excited about the idea
of being part of the first
" Doggies of Brimfield" post!
Some dogs endured whatever their owners
wanted them to do just so they could be
included in this exciting day.
Some dogs thought they would find a new
home when they ventured here to the flea market.
This doggie is back on the truck and ready
for the trip back to where he came from.
He still enjoyed a great week though.
Some dogs flashed their biggest smiles.
Some dogs dressed for the occassion.

Some dogs just wouldn't budge ,they

just hung around waiting for someone to pet them.

Mommies were more than happy to pose their children for pictures & most
were eager to tell me their names.
They were all very proud parents.
And some dogs just didn't have the time to stop for photos, there was way too much to see.

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Glenda/MidSouth said...

Awww! Great post. :-)

Anonymous said...

Cool. There was quite a variety of dogs there. I think I would like to attend the Brimfield flea market too. It is not many places that are that dog friendly.