Saturday, December 13, 2008

Winter Day Trip

We took a nice day trip to Old Wethersfield ,
Connecticut today . It's the oldest settled
town in Connecticut ( 1634 ) .
One of the oldest houses is from the 1600s .
This red house below is just one of the many
beautiful historic homes from the 1700s on
Main Street , Old Wethersfield .
This is me standing in front of another historic house
on Main Street . I liked the old fence and and the
pretty wreath on the door .
My husband and I took a ride around town
in this horse drawn carriage from the 1700s .
The inside was really neat , all lined in
a pretty antique printed paper and it had lace
and ball fringe curtains . It had very delicate looking wooden doors with old glass .The driver told us he's
been driving this carriage for 18 years .
He told us it's the same carriage that was in the
movie Amistad & that
both rode in this carriage . Pretty neat !
******Click on this picture and see more detail !*******
Some neat shops & cafes on Main Street .
Some stores , such as the deli and the ice cream
parlor were closed for the season . It was very cold today
so the town was a little quiet . The Tea Room seemed to
be the hot spot in town , today anyway .

A very old seed store from the 1700s . All of the drawers behind the counter are filled with seeds from various plants .

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BittersweetPunkin said...

How wonderful! Connecticut is my home state! I remember when they filmed The Amistad at Mystic Seaport.


Bride2Be said...

what a great place to visit!


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Sounds like a fun little trip.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Margaret - first time visitor, found you through page jumping - you know how it goes... anyway, my husband and I were in Connecticut back in Oct.2000 (before our world turned upside down on 9/11) It was so lovely I could have stayed forever. I adored the little towns and the fantastic historical libraries!! Wow. Anyway, your site is lovely and speaks to my heart. Thanks for sharing and giving a bit of pleasure in a world of too many concerns. God bless you! "Auntie eM" The Salt Box

The White Bench said...

Beautiful Beautiful!!!! Love Connecticut- I spent wonderful days there!
And ABSOLUTELY LOVE that seed drawers!!!!!!!!!

Nancy said...


I came over from Edie Marie's Attic to enter your giveaway! I thought it was her giveaway, but I must say I enjoyed my visit here! The carriage ride must have been so romantic!!! I have always dreamed of living in the New England area. I love quaint little towns. I was raised in one in PA and loved it! I'll be back to visit again!!! Your post was absolutely charming!!!

(((((( HUGS ))))))

Wish on a Whisker said...

Your winter day trip looks like so much fun!! And, wow, four dollhouses! I would never get anything done! I would be playing all of the time! (I have one I am decorating.) Holiday Wishes! ~Mandy


Great tour! I love that red house in particular. It looks quaint and romantic.
Lisa & Alfie