Saturday, November 1, 2008

We Found A Billiken !
This was an interesting tag sale find for us .
We probably paid 50 cents for it and then went home
and looked it up on the internet .
We found out that Billiken was created as .....
~"The God of Things as They Ought to Be".~
It was created in the early 1900's before the cupie doll.
The Cupie doll was crafted with similarities of the Billiken.
This Billiken that we found is of a sculpted material & it has
a coin or token embedded in the bottom of it.

"I'm Billiken whose lucky grin
Makes gloom run out and joy run in
I'm fond of little boys and girls
I love to nestle 'gainst their curls
And so that it could be arranged
Into a doll myself I've changed."
~"As long as I smile at you bad luck can't harm you."~

"The smiling god of good fortune,
The original divinity of optimism,
Whose cheerful countenance
Brings good luck
And happy days to all who
Observe this rule of life:"
"I am the God of Happiness,
I simply make you smile,
I prove that life's worth living
And that everything's worth while;
I force the failure to his feet
And make the growler grin,
I am the God of Happiness,
~~My name is Billiken.~~"
"I am the God of Luckiness,
Observe my twinkling eye—
Success is sure to follow those
Who keep me closely by;
I make men fat and healthy
Who were quarrelsome and thin;
I am the God of Luckiness,
~~My name is Billiken. ~~"
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How interesting! I have never heard of Billiken. Off to do more research. It looks so primitive, doesn't it?
Lisa & Alfie

Joy said...

I've never heard of this type of piece but it looks like you once again took the Bargain Fairies with you and scored!