Saturday, November 8, 2008

Some Very Old Toys

This doll was bought from an old woman at a tag sale.

She told me it was very old , I'm just not sure how old.

It is filled with sawdust . I know this because if I

move the doll around at all the sawdust comes right

through the cloth.

This Teddy is made with real fur and I think
it's from Germany. I'm not sure what kind of
fur it is . I bought this bear at an estate sale &
the previous owner was a furrier. The bear
also has glass eyes.

I love this Kangaroo & baby . It came from

the same estate sale as the bear . This may also

be from Germany because most of their things

were. I think that it may be an early Steiff

animal that was made before they started

putting the trade mark button in the ear.

That would bring us to early 1900's . This

Kangaroo is made of mohair I think and stuffed

very tightly with straw. The stitching is very

sturdy also & it has glass eyes.

~So if anyone can tell me more about these items

please leave me a comment.~

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Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Sue!

Don't you just love that old doll? She is fabulous! The bear and the kangaroo are so cute. Great finds Sue!

Your altered art from your previous post is wonderful, I love them both! Very fun pieces! You do a really great job at it Sue. I hope you show us more as you make more!

Hugs, Sherry


I don't know anymore than you do. But what fabulous pieces! That doll is amazing and the teddybear fantastic.
Lisa & Alfie