Friday, September 26, 2008

Cherub Makeover

All of you ladies in blogland should be proud of me . I found this cute little figurine at a tag sale but he was without wings ..... they had broken off completely . Normally I would have passed on a broken figurine but I have been inspired here in blog land to give new life to discarded objects like this . So I took him home , along with a small fairy doll who had no legs . I took the wings from the broken fairy & gave them to this sweet little cherub artist . It was a perfect fit & now he gets a second chance at life as a fairy artist .

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Kelli said...

So sweet! His new wings are perfect!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that is adorable!! Back when my girls were young I made them little Dutch girl costumes, and that's the warm fuzzy memory that came back to me just looking at your little cherub and his windmilll painting! Great job!...Donna


Good job on the repurpose! What a great marriage. Really nice! We really do teach each other don't we?
Lisa & Alfie