Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Goldilocks Room

I call this room "My Goldilocks Room" because of all of the brown bears of course . I live in a very old house built in 1891 & the rooms are very small . This room is a guest bedroom & I think it's very cozy with some antiques around and lots and lots of brown bears. The amber glass lamp lit up at night really casts a beautiful glow on the room . And to help you fall asleep is the tranquil sound of my waterfall only a few feet away in the back yard . Waking up in this room is just as relaxing because of the happy sounds of birds are added to the bubbling sounds of my pond . If you look out the window you may get a glimpse of my two koi happily swimming around , the frog sunning himself and trying to catch his breakfast , & an assortment of birds taking their morning bath in my waterfall as they wait for me to awake and fill their feeder . It's my favorite time of day and I too see all of these things from my own bedroom window . Looking outside is the very first thing I do each day . I'm very grateful for what I see .

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Priscilla said...

Hi I have just found your lovely blog and what to say what a charming little bedroom this is! Bears and goldilocks,how nice to live in such a old home....

Priscilla x

BittersweetPunkin said...

What a sweet room! I love it...very charming.

Minna said...

Such a lovely room!

I have "tagged" you! Please visit my blog (Minna's Favourites) to read more: