Friday, July 25, 2008

My Favorite Childhood Books

Do you remember these old Raggedy Ann & Andy Books ? If so then I think that you are my age or maybe even older . I had a couple of these books while growing up but they were either passed on to someone else or gotten rid of . These old books are full of beautiful illustrations by Johnny Gruelle . Well , I was at a church thrift store one time and found 10 of these books for only $2.00! I left the store with my brown paper bag full . They are still on my book shelf and occasionally I open one up just to look at the amazing artwork . Some day I may even read one !


Anonymous said...

Your Raggedy books are so sweet - and what a deal!! There's nothing like the illustrations in old children's books. I love your blog, your home, your 'frog,' gardens, collections, pups, and dollhouses!! What a fun place to visit - I'll be back soon!...Donna

Old Silk and Roses said...

Lovely memories - I have some dolls which survived my childhood but a lot of my things were given away or just got lost over time.
I am still searching for a particularly enchanting fairytale book that I owned so it must have been lovely for you to happen upon your books.