Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me !

Well , I said I wasn't going to have any
more but that was way back when I was
35 & they still keep happening anyway !

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Pinkie Denise said...

Happy Birthday Suzee!
I love your blog and all your sweet dollys and doll house, some of my favorite things. I will be back to visit Pinkie

Obe's said...

Happy Birthday!!!!
Love your blog i will be back for more!

Old Silk and Roses said...

Happy Birthday to you ~ gorgeous cake.

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzee, happy belated birthday! What a beautiful cake photo - so pretty!

I'm just now catching up with the fact that you tagged me awhile back via a comment on my blog, I think 6/29? But I'm not seeing it on your blog I'm always late for everything! Would it be cheating to just refer to a previous similar outing I did here?

Hope you had a great birthday-

violetlady said...

A belated happy birthday to you!!