Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Fall Swap Goodies !

Simply beautiful , is the only
way to describe this
decorated fall box I
recieved from my friend
I adore her creative mind &
the way it comes out in
her art work.
She always seems to know
exactly what little goodies
I will cherish .
I smiled the whole time I
examined each item in this
treasure box.
So many neat things to
look at and
create with.
Cute,cute,cute !
I love all of the assorted
" what nots ".
And of course as I'm
taking pictures of my
little treasure trove
my Java has to be
a part of it !
Thank You Susan !
& Happy Fall !
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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Goodness Me ! .....All My Children is OVER

Oh my ...... A Shocker to me...
I'm bummin ' I just started watching it again ! I remember Erica & Brooke when they were teenagers on the show. Tad & Liza were about my age ! It's been on for 45 years & I've watched it on and off throughout those 45 years ! I just started watching it again at night because I have the soap net channel. Yes, they were hooking me again ! Then POOF !!!! All of these people in my life are gone. It's funny how involved we get with the characters. It's like reading a great book that you don't want to end so it goes on for years. Goodbye ALL MY CHILDREN Goodbye to a chapter in my life too.

Friday, September 23, 2011

My Children

MY Minnie

aka "little miss run away "

" pretty little princess "

" my best little girlfriend"

" pretty little tinkerbell"

Minnie's baby

Occasionally I see her

giving it a bath.

My Java
aka " Java Boy "
" Meatball "
" Goofball "
" Marshmallow Fluff "
" Chocolate Boy "
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Thursday, September 22, 2011

I love Minnie Pumpkins

So bright & cheery. So cute piled up. Perfect for an old rusty scoop. A rusty bucket of long lasting marigolds mixes well with fall. Little stems every which way.
Cute in my little garden tower. The pumpkin patch.
Freshly cut birch logs
to burn on a
cool fall day. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Yesterday when I got home
from my shop I had a
surprise waiting for me.
The premiere issue of
magazine !!
I ordered mine from
and it came with a card
signed by the BH boys !
I can't wait to sit down with
my coffee and soak this in
from cover to cover.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


These beautiful & funky bags are all
one of a kind designer original
bags upcycled from leathers,
vintage keys and more.
This designer label is sewn
into each bag.
This one above is mine ! I love this woven bag lined in paisley print and doubly lined in plastic. It has a geat braided leather strap. Embellished with a leather cord and 3 vintage skeleton keys ! Above
Woven rag rug with black leather accents . A braided black leather shoulder strap on this one also. No two are alike !
Navy woolen pea coat
with gold vintage buttons
denim lining !
If you would like to buy one of the awesome handcrafted bags just email me at I can let you know the price including shipping !
ABOVE Suede Clutch lined with a printed fabric !
ABOVE Very large bucket , overnighter or weekender bag ! It's over 2 feet long and is loaded with pockets inside & out !
ABOVE Soft velour and yummy leather embellished with wooden buttons, leather cords and beads !
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