Sunday, August 28, 2011

Be Safe My Blogger Friends !

I'm not sure how much my poor
little town of Monson can take
after our June 1st tornado
that ripped through the center
of our town .
Hope all of you are taking
cover & are safe !
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Friday, August 19, 2011

After the week I've had
I needed a treat
so I ordered this very
1st issue of
Featuring Barn House

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sometimes Life Is An Emotional Rollercoaster !!!!!

I just came off of a very hectic week with my sister visiting from Iowa , a family gathering , working at my shop , coordinating things with the people working on my house to do repairs from the tornado , and packing for two wonderful nights away from it all to my favorite place .... Ogunquit beach !!! :o) I was feeling a bit overwhelmed but knew I'd get my break soon.
So we get up early Monday morning and like clock work we are dropping my two pups Minnie & Java at the kennel..... it's 8 am. .................. A half hour down the road my husband says we're right on track , we'll be there around 11. I was happy was pouring buckets but I didn't care ....... I was getting away for the first time this summer. It's been such a rough summer.
Then the cell phone rings ................... I hear my husband say " you'd better talk to my wife ".
I look at him and take the phone and hear the lady from the kennel tell me that Minnie has run away !!!!! One half hour after I drop her off at a place that is suppose to keep my dog safe ......they lose my 15 year old 8 lb poodle !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was livid....I was also crying as hard as a person can cry and just thinking the whole time I'd never see my sweet little Minnie again.
I could just picture her wandering around in the pouring rain and thinking a coyote or fisher cat or something might get her and I'll never see her again. You always think the worst.
To make a long story short ..............we search for hours in the pouring rain in the woods & field yelling her name the whole time. We yelled so much that we were losing our voices!
I then came home and posted her picture on facebook and explained she was lost.
Within 30 seconds someone answered saying they had seen her two hours earlier. These people immediately joined us in a search. After 5 hours of being in the pouring rain and getting drenched I came home and changed my clothes and laid on my bed feeling defeated.
All of a sudden the phone rang and my hubby answered. The original person who spotted Minnie hours earlier had my baby ! She found her and took her in the house and wrapped her in a blanket to warm her. We ran to get her and I just sobbed as soon as I saw her and had the little sweetie back in my arms. She was shaking and licking my nose.
It was the power of Facebook that enabled us to get the word out so quickly to everyone local &
for people to communicate to me so quickly!
Needless to say I am soooooooooooooo happy and sooooooooooooooo grateful but there will be no vacation for us and no more kennel for Minnie! Just glad to have her back .

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fall Swap 2011

We are already approaching
the middle of August &
many of us are looking forward
to the time of year when it is
cooler and the evenings are
crisp & spicy scents
are in the air.
Reds, oranges, golds,
cinnamon , pumpkin,
mmm mm mm m
Decorate a box for your partner
no smaller than a large
matchbox and no larger
than a cigar box.
Get creative and fill your box
treats and crafted items
for fall .
Make it pretty &
make it fun !
Sign ups will be until Sept. 1st !
Include your blog address & email.
Get to know your partners a
little by checking out
their blogs & seeing what they like!
I will pair everyone up &
then you can create!
Mail out your boxes by
Speptember 15th.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Great Book

I just finished reading this
book & it left me feeling like
I really got to know a great
group of people and
those people have
reminded me how to live
each day doing what makes me me happy.
Life is short ~ Live it !

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sheer Dotted Curtains

I love the look of these sheer dotted
curtains for summer.
They block out the harsh sunlight
but you can still see the pretty
summer day outside.
They give my kitchen a
cooler, soothing , &
relaxing feeling.
They were priced right
at a tag sale price
of $2.00 !
I Love Them.
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