Friday, January 21, 2011

Mark & Marie Bethany

It's been awhile since
we've heard from the newest
neighbors on Birch Tree Lane.
Mark & Marie's house was
finished being built back
in October.
Between the holidays &
just the usual busy days in
their lives they have only
just made a small dent in
making their house a
They've added a couple of little
touches outside to make it
a little more welcoming.
Marie's been baking bread &
insists on having fresh
flowers around always.
The living room is becoming
quite cozy. Mark and Marie enjoy making plans together and relaxing with their dog Lava. A few old family pictures have been hung.
The kitchen still needs everything but is workable for now.
Marie has started painting but this color is not purple ! It's actually a peachy rosy kind of color she chose for her bedroom.
The bedroom's shaping up and has been very comfy. Marie just loves the old brass bed they found at an antique fair.
Marie loves her new bathroom which is large enough for her vanity! Mark & Marie will definitely share more pictures as they make progress.
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