Thursday, September 30, 2010

Welcoming Fall In My Shop !

I just love my little shop !
I've been in business exactly
7 months now & things are going
really well. My shop is growing
quickly as is my clientele.
New people are finding me
daily & lovin' my shop as
soon as they enter the door.
Right now they are greeted by
beautiful piano music , a wonderful
scented candle , the chirping of
my two little finches in the
background & Fall !
People are grabbing up anything I
put out that has to do with Fall.
Most have had enough of the long
hot summer and are welcoming the
change in seasons.
My pumpkin oatmeal spice soaps
are flying off of the shelves.
My apple crisp soap too !
My shop has been called...
"cute" , "eclectic",
"wonderful", "great",
" a treasure trove" &
" I love this shop"
"what a fun shop!".
All things that I am so happy
and proud to hear after
only 7 months.
I have filled my shop with such a mixture
of things that it has now become
the kind of shop that people
have to walk around more than
once just to see everything.
Many customers will be singing along
with my piano music & they also
stop to talk to my two little shop birds.
I already wish my shop was bigger
because I want to keep stuffing
it with more and more treasures.
So many people leave my shop smiling
because they have found themselves
a treasure and at an affordable price.
I've totally accopmlished what I've
set out to do.
A cheerful little relaxing and
casual shop.
A place for fun , treats,
and surprises tucked here
and there.
I leave my door open every day &
love to greet people as they enter.
It makes me feel the greatest
when they are still standing in
the doorway and say
" Wow , what a great little shop!"
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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A New Collection

There's something about

these two handled

tea cups that I just love.

I had three of them in my

shop and then found one

more and thought they

were so pretty that I decided

to take them home.

I don't see too many of these
in my travels and now I'm
really on the lookout for them.
I couldn't find too much
information on these
double handled cups either
so if you know about them
please let me know.
I plan on sipping hot tea
out of them on a brisk
fall or winter day.
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Some Country Fair Fun

I needed a good dose of
small town country fair fun. With a sunny crisp breezy day & smiling goats !
And cows who look at you
with love.
Some never even knew we were
Some were very happy to see us.
Handsome rams.
A wise looking rooster.
This beautiful old country building
just calling for me to take it's
Just a perfect day to spend
with hubby to mark
the end of summer.
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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Few Little Art Projects

Playing with scrabble tiles,
a little glue and glitter.
I just love this vintage card of buttons !
My art tags for Karla's art tag swap.
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