Monday, September 30, 2013

Be Inspired By This Decorated Barn

This was also a stop we
made to take photos during
our ride through western Mass.

All of these great rusty objects
arranged so neatly against
the outside of this barn really
caught my eye.

Loved it from a distance.

Loved it even
more up close.

Look at the neat old twisted
vines that they even used to
decorate the posts.

I just couldn't look at this building enough.
So much to look at.

Note the twisted vines around
the wagon wheel.

I even love the neatly stacked
 wood & old saw blade.
I love the look.
It really is very artistic.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

An Adorable Farm That We Stumbled Upon

We stumbled upon this very
old farm out in western Mass.
on our ride to no where.
I just love places like this.

The owners were outside working on 
their house and were so nice to let 
my husband and I look around and
take a peek at all of their animals.

Take a look at the cute old 
turkey house above.

These turkeys were a riot.
So big and fat and colorful !
Not afraid of people at all, 
they came right to me.

And look at the long eyelashes &
smile on this little piggy's face.

And there were lots more piggy friends , 
just doin' their thing.

And beautiful red hens
doing theirs.

These guys have amazing coloring on 
their faces & love to poof
themselves up .

Impressive horns on this guy.

And a most beautiful red rooster.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Nicest Gnome Home I've Ever Seen !

My husband and I recently 
took a ride through the Berkshires
in Massachusetts and ran
across this perfect little
gnome house on one of
 our stops.

It was out in the woods near 
a rocky river that we were
checking out. 
Do you see the upstairs window ?
How neat would it be if
a little face peeked out of there ?