Wednesday, June 23, 2010

While We Were Sleeping.....

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I went outside first thing in the
morning to feed my fish &
this is what I found in my garden &
attached to my deck.
I think it's the biggest &
most intricate web I've ever
seen . I think it was about 2
feet in circumference.
When the spider saw me
there taking pictures he
started running all over
the place on his web &
then kept going back to
the middle.
So many things going
on in my tranquil
garden every day.
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Monday, June 21, 2010

Put It On Your Reading List !

I loved this story &
just finished it yesterday.
I had trouble putting
this book down once I
started it. I really got caught
up into the world & emotions
of these characters .
Add it to
your summer reading
list & enjoy !
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Saturday, June 19, 2010

When I Woke Up Today I Saw......

The sun working it's way
through my sheer swiss
dot curtain in the front
of my house.
A sea of yellow flowers around
my pond and also in other
gardens in my yard.
A little pottery frog in a wired cage.
( My husband always says....
"What did he do?" )
My fairy sitting in her
favorite spot & quietly
reading her book.
My screen house looking quiet,
cool & inviting .
And a new little friend sitting
on a rock in my pond &
staring at me. I started talking
to him and I swear he looked
at me like he knew me.
I know, I'm weird.
I'm glad he moved in.
What a beautiful day !
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Simple Supper For A Hot Summer Day

It was an experiment of mine
but it turned out really good.
A nice light dinner for those
summer evenings that are
hot and humid.
Use whatever your favorite
pasta is. A whole bag of fresh
broccoli slaw to a pound
of your pasta.
Mix in two heaping table-
spoon of mayo. Drain 2 cans of
chunk white tuna & add to pasta.
A little salt & pepper to
taste. Chill before serving.
It makes a nice delicious,
cruchy,& healthy salad. Just
make it ahead of time and
Enjoy it with a ice cold
glass of raspberry lemonade.
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A New Look In My Kitchen

I've torn down all of the
old wallpaper and have painted
the walls off white.
I've been wanting to hang these
old sheet music covers for a
while now. I'm not quite done
with all of the painting
but I couldn't wait to see how
it would look.
My house is very old (1891)
and has old knotty pine
3/4 of the way up the wall.
I used to display alot of
pink & white china along
the ledge for quite a few
years but now I'm looking
for something simpler
but still interesting.
So I've started to hang my gallery.
I still have more to get frames
for and plenty of place to hang
I think I'm really going to like it
when it's done.
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Saturday, June 5, 2010

What Have We Done To This Beautiful World ?!!

This world is so full of
such amazing beauty
everywhere we look.
But what are we doing to it?
I woke up today & sit here in the comfort
of my wonderful home with a nice hot
cup of coffee and looking forward to the
day ahead. I listen the the sounds of the
birds in my garden as I write this.
They are so happy with the haven & the
tranquility that I help to provide them. They have food , water, shelter &
the pond. As I sip my coffee I dare to
listen to the morning news to hear that
at least 500 birds have already
died because of the oil spill.
Many many more they are trying
to save. I usually turn off the news
because I don't want to look at
the damage that the oil is doing.
Now I look..... It makes me want to
I feel helpless .
It sickens me as to what we are doing to this beautiful
world and the creatures in it.
It's so not fair.
what are these poor
creatures thinking?