Monday, March 29, 2010

Sending Out An S.O.S. To All Shop Owners !

So..... I need your advice, or encourage-
ment,or both !
I opened my new shop just one month
ago and by week 3 I was amazed by my
sales. I've really been enjoying it ...
that is until the cold snap hit here
on Sunday which is usually pretty
busy. I had a few people wander in
but not one sale. Then ..... the
downpours started and my parking
lot became a lake today! I had one
customer and one small sale. Two
more days of downpours are expected.
I'm trying to stick out the very long
wet days because I want to stick to
the hours I set. It's been a bit
depressing .
It's making me second guess myself.
There is tons of traffic just whizzing
by my shop and nobody stopping.
I've kept busy with cleaning, arranging,
reading,paperwork & phone calls
and being crafty.
So ...... what do all you ladies who
have your own shops do
about this ???
I don't expect every day to be
grand sales but I wasn't thinking that
I would be sitting alone in my shop for
days because of the weather.
Yuck !

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nice Trims To Sell In My Shop

I love my little bunny stamp

that I found in my travels!

Of course no matter where I go in the

house, or what I'm doing,

I am never alone. Java & Minnie

always need to know what

Mommy is up to.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Dollhouse Children Clean Their Rooms

Mom said that if Sally & Sam
cleaned their rooms she would take
them to the ice cream and candy
store for a special treat!
Sally went to work right away
lining up all of her dollies &
elephants. She had a little trouble
stuffing the last of her clothes
in her dresser but she thinks
her room looks pretty good.
She can already taste the
strawberry ice cream !
Sam wasn't as quick to put away
all of his toys as his sister was.
He was still quite involved with
his train but he knows the rest
of his room will look good
enough for Mom.
Sam's hoping he will get to
have chocolate ice cream &
maybe take home some
bubble gum too !
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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Little Time For Blogging These Days

I've been soooo busy with
my new shop and then trying
to play catch up at home.
Spring fever has me wanting
to do all kinds of projects.
I've raked outside my shop &
started to get the flower beds
ready. I hung a bird feeder out there &
a straw bonnet decorated with tulle on
the outside of the building.
Today at my house , after giving two
dogs a bath, I was outside in the
sunshine trying to get my
pond cleaned and up and running.
Still a little early, there was some
ice still in the lines despite the warm-
up around here so I couldn't get my
waterfall going yet. Soon, very soon.
It was a beautiful day !
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